Studio and Showroom

The Art Glass Centre Studio and Showroom is located at the Left Wing of Emily Hill (藝嶺/艾美莉山莊).

The Studio houses the Lampworking Workstations and providing design support for the Workshops.
The Showroom displays some of our work samples, and hosts Exhibition at times.



The Art Glass Centre Workshop is located at the Left Wing of Emily Hill.
The Workshop includes a Warm Glass area supporting Kiln Forming, Fusing abd Slumping, a Cold Glass area for Stained Glass projects, and a Lampworking/Flameworking area for Figurative and Glass Bead Making actvities.

Bead Making Torch-Time Rental

Users must be member of Art Glass Centre to rent Workshop/Studio equipment, and prior experience is necessary (at the discretion of Art Glass Centre).
Torch-Time rental includes the use of Burner/Torch, basic selection of hand tools and eyewear.
Users are responsible for damage to all tools and equipment use. For example, if you melt off the end of tweezers, you will need to pay for them. Normal wear and tear is covered.
Torch-Time rentals are per 2-Hour blocks subjected to Workshop availability. Cost is S$60 per 2-Hour block per person.
All renters must be "Experienced Glass Bead Maker" who are of an intermediate ability or better. All rentals must pre-schedule a week in advance.
Due to the considerable cost of the Workshop operations, rental sessions are only available for minimum of 2 participants at a time.

What you MUST supply yourself :
All consumable supplies such as glass rods, stringers, frit, leaf, mandrels and mandrel release, etc. and any Advanced Tools. (or purchase from the Workshop as available.)
For the introductory period, the Workshop offer the use of Glass Rods/Stringers (for Bead Making only) and Mandrels/Release at no additional cost.

All workshop users are to clean up the work area at the end of the session.

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