Artists@Work - Painting on Stone

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Painting on Stone! The inaugural event of Artists@Work, we are pleased to have artists from various disciplines working alongside one another. This diversity of disciplines makes the event all the more exciting!


The Artists@Work series is developed as an outreach event aims to provide a platform to explore the possible interactions between artists and materials. We also aim to give the 'man in the street' an insight as to what goes on 'behind the scenes' of creative work as well as stretch the understanding of the possibilities of different materials. And for the arts enthusiastse, we hope to challenge the conventions by extending the definition of "canvas" beyond the usual set of materials. As for artists, this series seeks to serve as a good platform for future collaborations and an exciting environment for the creation of new works, with the added benefit of presenting a good networking opportunity for artists of different disciplines.


This event is open to members of the public. Invitations have been sent out to friends and business associates and information about this event has also been publicized electronically. We expect audience members with varying levels of interest in and understanding of art to be present. Potential buyers and members of the media have also been invited.
Art students from the various art institutions have also been invited to come by to watch the artists at work. Please do not hesitate to extend an invitation to your friends and interested parties to come and watch Artists @ Work! This event is suitable for both the young and the old.

Working Space & Materials:

The working space for all artists will be the covered outdoor studio space located at Blk E, Emily Hill. Each artist will be allocated a comfortable space that is big enough for members of the general public to stand around to watch. For artists who have indicated that they have no preference in terms of the stone type, they are invited to select the stones half-an-hour before your allocated time slot. The stones available for choice are: limestone, marble, travertine (with holes) and lava stone (volcanic stone). The sizes for the flat stone slabs are 1) I000 x 700mm 2) 600 x 700mm 3) 1000 x 300mm 4) 800 x 300mm. There is also a selection of irregular stones and boulders for you to choose from. Note that these stones are available on a first-come, first-served basis. As we want to create a space for creativity to flow, we will not restrict the type of materials used in the creation of the art work. All artists are encouraged to bring their own materials as there will be no materials provided.

Artists' Needs:

Artist Liaison Officer, Miss Loh Wan Ting, will be on site for assistance.

Meals & Dietary Requirements:

Lunch wil be served for all artists between 1 - 2pm on both days and tea will be served in the morning and late afternoon. Drinks and light refreshments will be made available throughout the day for all artists. The coffee that will be served is kindly sponsored by Avanti Coffee.

Other Activities Happening:

Besides having our artists busy at work and being the stars of our event, there will also be a glass torch work demonstration by Glass Artist Galen Hogan at the Torch Workshop as well as a display of art stones and art pieces at the Convarzee Gallery on both days


Students from Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts have been invited to work alongside the artists. In the process of doing so, we hope that they will be inspired by and learn a pointer or two from the artists.

Sale of the Art Pieces:

The ArtGlassCentre and Polystone will assist in the sale of the art pieces after they have been completed. The proceedings from the sale of these stones will go to the artist, Polystone, and the ArtGlassCentre. An exhibition of all of the completed works is scheduled to take place in late July at the Convarzee Gallery, ArtGlassCentre.

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