"NO LABELS" Art Glass Exhibition

National Library's Drama Centre 17-24 Jun 2006. View Photo Gallery

Artists from various disciplines shatter boundaries by experimenting in glass for the first time...

What happens when you combine heated glass with other media to create an entirely new object that blends art with functional design? NO LABELS is about artists crossing lines. Organised by Solideas Art Glass Studio and Monsoonasia Gallery, the exhibition features the collaborative efforts of seven local artists, chosen as skilled craftsmen in their respective disciplines, but who have never worked in glass before.

With the help of Solideas' co-founder and resident glass artist, Tan Sock Fong, who is also exhibiting, the group was tasked to imagine their work in glass. They had to experiment with the many approaches to glassmaking, rethink traditional casting methods to include materials used in their craft, and translate their ideas into glass using their own individual style and techniques.

The artists worked closely with Sock Fong to produce some 20 to 30 stunning works, ranging from the undulating sculptural vessels of Chua Boon Kee to the textured cast installations of Tan Joo Heng. As this was their first attempt at fusing glass with their own media, much of the process involved months of trial and error. "For every piece that was successful, we had to throw out three or four," says Tan.

"The greatest challenge for the artists was trying to figure out how to combine the two materials, for example stainless steel and glass, and knowing where and when to fit in their material. Within a short period of time, they had to master the science of glassmaking and how to employ techniques like fusing, laminating, casting and slumping."

Featuring the works of :

Chua Boon Kee (Sculptor)
Desmond Chin (Jewellery Designer)
Colin Chua (Wire Artist)
Tan Joo Heng (Sand Sculptor)
Jane Wong (Fashion Accessories Designer)
Yeo Chee Kiong (Sculptor)
Jeffrey Ho (Painter)
In collaboration with Tan Sock Fong (Glass Artist)