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Hou Yi & The Golden Orb

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Hou Yi & The Golden Orb (后翼射日) - The inaugural event of Artists@Work, we are pleased to have artists from various disciplines working alongside one another. This diversity of disciplines makes the event all the more exciting!
21 April 2012, Saturday, 7pm and 8pm @Emily Hill
Tickets are $10 per entry.
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Sand Art and Harp Music Combine for the very First Time to Bring to Life the Chinese Legend of Hou Yi
21 April 2012, Saturday, 7pm and 8pm @Emily Hill

Glass and sand artist, Tan Sock Fong and renowned Harp Soloist, Katryna Tan, combine their art forms for the very first time, deriving inspiration from Asian themes.
The inaugural collaborative performance “The Golden Orb” will be held at Emily Hill (white house hall 2nd level) on Saturday 21 April at 7pm and 8pm.
Singapore’s premiere Harp ensemble, Rave Harpers, directed by Katryna Tan, commissions a new piece entitled “The Golden Orb” written for ensemble of 10 HARPS by Eric Watson. Eric’s music is interwoven throughout the ensemble of harps using musical modes and scales influenced by Asian Gamelan Music on a Western instrument. Glass and sand artist, Tan Sock Fong, will bring the music and Chinese legend of Hou Yi to life through “sand art” – the Chinese legend that tells of Hou Yi who lived at a time when there were ten suns in the sky. Circumstances later evolved that nine suns were shot down to leave ONE SUN (The Golden Orb) to continue to nurture Earth, and give us warmth and life.

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